Yale college essay question

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Yale college essay question

College Interview Tips and Strategies: This is a good introduction and a way for the student to communicate comfortably about their lives. What classes are you scheduled to have your senior year? What have you enjoyed most about your high school? We are looking for passionate students who show signs of leadership, cooperation and community service.

What activities are you involved in outside of the classroom? Are you involved in these activities equally, or is there one or two that you are most passionate about, and why? These questions aim to get a sense of fit, while providing the interviewee the opportunity to provide insight into who they are as an individual and what they are interested in.

Is the student genuinely interested in Carnegie Mellon, do they know who we are and are we a good fit for what they want out of post-secondary environment?

What are you looking forward to most about the transition from secondary school to a university? How do you see yourself getting involved in the campus community? This guide includes a comprehensive, step-by-step process for preparing for the college interview, what to bring, what to wear, and even how to answer specific college interview questions.

English class for the STEM kid or a particularly difficult experience in the thing you love i. Tell me about influential person in your lives teacher, coach, etc.

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What has made you stick with an interest for years? What do you do for fun? What do you hope to gain from your undergraduate experience?

yale college essay question

The Theater Buff What are some of your favorite roles? What is it like for you when you are performing on stage? What are its possibilities?

The Voracious Reader What books do you recommend? Can you remember a really great discussion from your English class? The Writer What do you like to write? Do you have favorite subjects you like to write about?

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Where do you gather your subject matter? What inspires your writing? Have you had a chance to share your writing with an audience? Is there a cause that you feel particularly strong about? The Volunteer What kind of community service do you do?

What is a memorable experience from a community service project? How has participating in community service changed your perception of the role of the individual in the community? Why do you help others? Visual Artist What is art to you? Why does art matter? Do you create art for yourself or for an audience?

What aspects of your life have influenced your art? Is there a particular style that inspires you?Learn about the Yale University Supplemental Essay Prompts and get started on drafting with College Essay Advisors!

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Learn about the Yale University Supplemental Essay Prompts and get started on drafting with College Essay Advisors!

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Essays that Worked for College Applications offers advice on writing a successful college admissions essay and presents fifty examples.

essay questions for college admissions Essay Topics, Yale College Undergraduate Admissions Please respond in words or fewer. All applicants to Yale are asked to respond to a few Yale-specific short answer questions.

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Photo by UNC Asheville. Why is the “Why this college?” essay so important? Colleges care why students put their college on their list, and many colleges incorporate the “why?” question .

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