The reason cause mat rempit

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The reason cause mat rempit

First and foremost, peer influence or pressure. As we can see, almost all of Mat Rempit is in the youth group. We should realize that in this stage, their thinking, attitude and action were influenced by their peers. They used to follow their friends rather than their own parents and teacher advice.

This peer influence is very strong and sometimes dangerous if they follow the wrong path, for example the illegal racing. This is why the amount of Mat Rempit is increasing from time to time. According to a police statistic between January to Macmost of these illegal racers are between aged from years old.

Rosmaini said that peer influence is a major factor which contributes to the involvement of most of the teenagers in Mat Rempit activity at night. This sharing activities and experience usually start at young age where they are in the stage of knowing the outside world out of their family and wanting to try something new and exciting with their friends.

First, they just gathered on the side of the street to see others the street racer do the stunts and then they get close to each other and start The reason cause mat rempit the stunts themselves and lastly, they are the star of the streets in the eyes of their friends.

This kind of influence usually brought up by the problematic friends who usually have issues in their life and also with their family Next, the cause of Mat Rempit is curiosity for adrenalin.

Meaning to say the desire to try something new and challenging. Something that had never been done before in their life. This is one factor that lured them into the illegal racing. They felt that it is very admirable and outstanding if they can win the race or do suicide skills such as riding in the high speed or get away from the police road blocks.

They love to break the laws since they think that it is just an amusement for them. People who break the law will be classified as a cool and great person. They will be respected among all the Mat Rempit. The next cause is family with issues in term of problematic family, rich family and also those who are from poor family as well.

First, for those who come from problematic family. Old people always said that education starts at home. From this statement, we can infer that the family should involve actively in educating their family members especially their children in becoming better person who can contribute positively to our country and also to the family itself.

The example of problematic family is where the parents are getting divorce. The one who is affected is surely their children. Their children become a victim as a result from their parents who are getting divorce.

They tend to neglect their children. Feeling being neglected by their own family, these children will as a result join the gang of Mat Rempit to fell in the loneliness.

As all know, rich family usually faces a problem with their children when the parents happen to have little time for family. When they are too busy handling their business, working at the office till midnight. Most of the former street racers who are from a wealthy family claimed that they were given too much money and freedom by their parents or the one who cares about them is also one of the factors which contributes to their involvement in the street racing activity.

They feel that none of their own family members who really care about where and what they are doing when they are out of the house. As long as they never complaint about anything in their family and will be back home everyday. They are having too much freedom from their family or the one who cares about them.

Those who are from a poor family. Not to exclude of the factor of a poor family. Hisyam quoted in one of his report that most of the street racers are of the poor family.

He quoted that one of the former street racer responses that by racing, it is the only way they Mat Rempit could think of to get away from the problems and gain their freedom and respect and honours from peers on the road.

Besides that, sometimes, coming from a poor family forces them to enter into illegal racing in order to get the prize offered such as the big sum of money awarded to the people who won the race.

The next main course is the place racing track.

The reason cause mat rempit

The former racing track like the Sepang Circuit located at Sepang that can be used by the public with permission. Moreover, the circuit was located too far from their place or town. As we know, Sepang is located at rural area. It will take some times to reach Sepang.

For example, if they are from Subang Jaya, it will take approximately 45 minutes to reach Sepang.This is why Mat Rempit or any other group of people can be very stubborn and tunnel vision.

Based on group psychology, there are 3 factors in the group that strengthen the behavior and their resolve in continuing the same pattern of behavior namely group breeds competition, breed conformity and may cause ostracization.

Apr 23,  · MEDIA STATEMENT – 22/4/ MADPET SAYS NO TO PROPOSAL TO WHIP ‘MAT REMPIT’ MADPET (Malaysians Against Death Penalty and Torture) is disturbed by the recent statement of Federal Traffic chief Senior Assistant Commissioner II Datuk Hamza Taib, as reported in the Star (18/4/), who said that “arteensevilla.comal illegal road racers and Mat Rempits will face whipping under .

Oct 23,  · Next reason is why mat rempit take part in illegal bike racing is our country don`t have a circuit to mat rempit.A circuit is important because mat rempit to race and show off their stunts, which they currently do illegally all over the country’s roads and highways,endangering the life of all motorists.

the circuit will help keep the Mat. Oct 13,  · I guess you really haven't experience rempit mentality. Question, why are they so busy body at am in the 1st place.

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I meant if the rempit suspect something fishy going on with the couple inside the car at that isolated area, dialing hotline for police to check instead will be a better option. Mat Rempit are rebellious young people without a cause. Last month in Taiping, an ambulance driver and a nurse were attacked by Mat Rempit when the driver asked them to make way for the ambulance.

The group rammed the ambulance, and a few teenage boys dragged the driver out of . Mat rempits going on a rampage. sparking angry protests from more than mat rempits. was knocked and killed by a mat rempit in Pasir Tumboh. a mat rempit favourite spot early on the night of 30th September they turned violent and attacked the police before leaving.

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