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Tax policy; environmental regulations; trade restrictions and reform; tariffs; political stability Economic: Cultural norms and expectations; health consciousness; population growth rates; age distribution; career attitudes; health and safety Technological: New technologies are continually emerging for example, in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligenceand the rate of change itself is increasing.

Swot pest

Although a few threats there are still many opportunities Cadburys should be looking out for such as ensuring they meet consumer demands therefore ensuring high sales.

PEST Analysis The following list is of external issues which could have an affect on Cadbury, I will be listing down these problems in four main sections which are political, economical, social and technological factors, which focus on separate parts from outside of the business which could affect businesses such as Cadburys, this method is more commonly known through its acronym of PEST.

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This is concerned with how political developments, regionally, nationally and internationally may affect a business. The following is a list of political factors which could possibly affect Cadburys: This could cause unrest within a country and could also even have an affect on people buying products from Cadburys, as fewer tourists may come to the UK.

This includes things such as: Factors from social factors which may affect businesses such as Cadburys could include things such as consumer trends. The following is a list of social factors which could possibly affect Cadburys: Factors from technological factors which may affect businesses such as Cadburys could include things such as improving facilities.PEST Analysis is often linked with SWOT Analysis, however, the two tools have different areas of focus.

PEST Analysis looks at "big picture" factors that might influence a decision, a market, or a potential new business.

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1. Identify and explain the vision and the mission of the organization. Company: Team Force Cleaning Services PTY LTD is a company that offers services of strata and commercial cleaning. An effective way to analyse key features of the external environment is to use PESTLE analysis.

strengths. weaknesses. opportunities. threats.

Swot pest

criteria examples. Market developments? Competitors' vulnerabilities?


Industry or lifestyle trends? Technology development and innovation? The following swot analysis helps to shows four main things, first of all it shows the opportunities available and also the threats when releasing a new.

Strategic Management > SWOT Analysis. SWOT Analysis. SWOT analysis is a simple framework for generating strategic alternatives from a situation analysis. It is applicable to either the corporate level or the business unit level and frequently appears in marketing plans.

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