Music should be censored

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Music should be censored

Should it be Censored? June 27th, Profanity is heard in many different songs across the world. But children say differently. Censoring lyrics takes away their feelings in the song. Another argument is that it messes up the whole song. The message of the song is completely changed when censoring music.

It changed the whole chorus, which changes the whole meaning. F— and Forget are two different things, in my opinion. According to the dictionary, waif means a homeless child, which is completely different from rape.

Music should be censored

Because of the complaints they have gotten, they were forced to censor the inappropriate lyrics. There are many ways to censor the lyrics, but most ways cause the song to become different. You usually hear blanking, which is when they silence the whole word, resinging, which is replacing the offensive word or phrase with a better word or phrase, distorting, when the words are shifted down a pitch so it is hard to understand, etc.

These methods are just annoying and result in angry young people. Adults are generally the people who want censorship in songs. The top reason seems to be because children can hear the words and start repeating them.

The house they grew up at and the friends that they have cause the cussing.

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But, if you think about it, the F bomb and all the other cuss words are just words. Why is it that the F bomb is not okay, but freak is? In my opinion, they are just words, but society makes them bad.

The room was packed and even as the show began, additional seating had to be brought in through the back to accommodate for the swarm of an audience…. Cougars LEAD is a customized leadership certificate program that aims to encourage students to expand the skills and capabilities needed….Music Should Be Censored By Kylie Toh Most music nowadays contain profanity, sexual content, mock religion and much more In some countries, the government censors music to protect the youth from hearing such things.

Additionally music should be censored because hearing cursing in the public is my understanding music helps calm the you are relaxing do .

Music should be censored

I don't think that all music should be censored since not all music is bad, or dehuminazing, but some songs that play now a days speaking of sex, demoralization, violence, . Censorship of music refers to the practice of editing of musical works for various reasons, stemming from a wide variety of motivations, including moral, political, or religious reasons.

Censorship can range from the complete government-enforced legal prohibition of a musical work, to private, voluntary removal of content when a musical work.

Music lyrics should be censored not in the intent to downcast the creativity put into each song, but to better moderate the filth modern day Americans are exposed and influenced by through the lyrics of drugs, sex, cursing, mocking religion. I think that rap music should not censored, because its an artist expressing themselves, and people shouldn't criticizes theme for doing so.

If someone imply's that music should be censored that person is going against the artist freedom of speech.

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