How do i write a review on tripadvisor flights

Airlines carrying passengers within Europe or in to Europe are bound by these regulations that say they should compensate you if your flight is cancelled, overbooked or you are denied boarding. And, as that rule applies retrospectively, it affects delayed flights going back seven years. But a 24 hour delay meant they spent the first day of their holiday at the airport. After waiting around for about two hours the couple were placed in a hotel but after six hours they were told it was time to move.

How do i write a review on tripadvisor flights

Share via Email TripAdvisor: Last week, it was reported that mischievous web-users had propelled a fictitious venue to a top ranking in Brixhamreports followed this week about how it was all a ruse to prove you can game the systemwhile, despite vociferous objections from its owner, a Yorkshire restaurant had numerous positive reviews removed, after TA's filters judged them suspicious.

Claims and counter claims swirl around such stories, most generating more heat than light. Clearly any review site on which a Glasgow homeless shelter can emerge as one of the city's top hotels isn't fail-safe, but did anyone think TA was? Doesn't everybody approach it with caution?

Not because of headline-grabbing, malicious fake reviewsbut for a far more mundane reason: Blimey, there are people on TA who I wouldn't trust to pass me a pair of scissors, never mind recommend a restaurant I should eat in.

But you knew that, right? To use TripeAdvisor — as it's hilariously and somewhat unfairly known in our house — properly, you need to read it. You can't just look at the scores.

And to read it in a way that is rewarding, you need to develop a set of personal idiot filters, far more powerful than anything TA could develop to police the site.

Likewise, there are a remarkable number of people reviewing restaurants on TripAdvisor, who don't care about food. Like me, you've no doubt read posts or clusters of posts, appearing almost simultaneously, from different members of the same irate party that fulminate with invective — header: Yet, many of these posts still conclude with: Well, it depends what you care about, doesn't it?

Eating well or the fact that the service was a bit slack.

how do i write a review on tripadvisor flights

Even then you've got to allow for the exaggeration and OTT self-justification that is the hallmark of any critical review. Should I even be talking about this? There is something of an omerta around TripAdvisor among paid food journalists.

We all know it's there, we can't help but use it. But we remain sceptical about this rough'n'ready litmus test of local opinion.

how do i write a review on tripadvisor flights

Ideally, we prefer to pretend that it doesn't exert any influence on us. Our own high priestess of the pass, Marina O'Loughlinsummed-up this ambivalence in a recent review, when she admitted to browsing that "chatroom for shills" to try to make sense of her opinion of The French restaurant in Manchester.

I'm happy to go one better and admit that in researching my " budget eats" series for the GuardianI find TA invaluable. As one of several research tools local contacts, trawling guides, blogs and so on.

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