Analysis of the poem andre s mother

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Analysis of the poem andre s mother

Reg wished me to go with him to the field, I paused because I did not want to go; But in her quiet way she made me yield Reluctantly, for she was breathing low. Her hand she slowly lifted from her lap And, smiling sadly in the old sweet way, She pointed to the nail where hung my cap.

I shall last another day. I heard him listlessly, without a moan, Although the only one I loved was gone. II The dawn departs, the morning is begun, The trades come whispering from off the seas, The fields of corn are golden in the sun, The dark-brown tassels fluttering in the breeze; The bell is sounding and the children pass, Frog-leaping, skipping, shouting, laughing shrill, Down the red road, over the pasture-grass, Up to the school-house crumbling on the hill.

The older folk are at their peaceful toil, Some pulling up the weeds, some plucking corn, And others breaking up the sun-baked soil.


Float, faintly-scented breeze, at early morn Over the earth where mortals sow and reap— Beneath its breast my mother lies asleep. Despite this, life and its activities continue even while his mother lies dead in the casket. The speaker, who is the poet himself, felt a sense of loss over the departure of his mother, and this sense of loss overwhelmed him when writing this poem.

The poem is set in fields in the countryside, where children are playing and people are doing their work. The poem has two parts.

He is feeling anxious about his mother, as she was breathing with great difficulty, but she consoles him that she will survive: Moving on to the second section, the speaker describes the normal activities of life: This feeling, at least, provides relief to his bereaved soul.

Each part is written in the form of a sonnet containing fourteen rhyming lines. The rhyme scheme is regular, and follows the strict pattern of ABAB, as given below: These couplets form a complete thought, and follow iambic pentameter as in the rest of the poem: Therefore, he expresses his love for his mother.

He also feels a sense of belonging to his motherland, and treats it as a mother. Hence, this is a good poem for all those who have lost their mothers.Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' Millie 's Mother 's Red Dress ' Pearson is a poem about a daughter listening to her mother’s last words.


In this poem Millie, the daughter, is called to visit her mother as she tries to “undo a lesson or two.” The mother goes on to explain to Millie the lessons she taught and how wrong those lessons were.

William Blake's "The Little Black Boy" / My mother bore me in the southern wild, / And I am black, but O! my soul is white; / White as an angel is the English child: / But I am analysis of. The Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks: Summary and Critical Analysis The poem The Mother is an anti-abortion poem by the poet Gwendolyn Brooks.

It is an emotional outpour of the sense of guilt by a mother who has performed one or more abortion. She first speaks to . This poem came a little after realizing I had all these poems about a confrontation between mother and teenage son, a rupture that occurs because of the son's growing sense that .

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French surrealist poetry by Arp, Breton, Dalí, Péret, Picasso, ANDRE BRETON. Postman Cheval.

Analysis of the poem andre s mother

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